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Columbia House Cuts

Unfortunately, Columbia House's "Woody Woodpecker and Friends" series included quite a few cartoons with certain scenes edited out of them. These cuts were made for either questionable content or simply timing. What follows is a guide of all the scenes that have been edited from the series. Thanks to Bart Kasper and "Knothead" for helping us identify some of these missing scenes.

Barber of Seville, The (Culhane; 1944):

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Boogie Woogie Sioux (Lovy; 1942):

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Chilly Willy (Smith; 1953):

Crazy House (Lantz; 1940):

Crazy Mixed Up Pup (Avery; 1955):

Fox and the Rabbit (Lantz; 1935):

Good-Bye, Mr. Moth (Lantz; 1942):

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Hams That Couldn't Be Cured, The (Lantz; 1942):

Hot Noon (or 12 O'Clock For Sure) (Smith; 1953):

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I'm Cold (Avery; 1954):

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Kittens' Mittens (Lovy; 1940):

Knock Knock (Lantz; 1940):

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Operation Sawdust (Patterson; 1953):

Pigeon Patrol (Lovy; 1942):

Reckless Driver, The (Culhane; 1946):

Room and Wrath (Lovy; 1956):

Screwdriver, The (Lantz; 1941):

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Swing Your Partner (Lovy; 1943):

Syncopated Sioux (Lantz; 1940):

Wacky Weed, The (Lundy; 1946):

Wet Blanket Policy (Lundy; 1948):

What's Sweepin' (Patterson; 1953):

Wild and Woody! (Lundy; 1948):

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Woody Woodpecker (Lantz; 1941):

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